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Exotic Weapons Hard Whip Staff Bian

Stainless Steel Baton Training Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Exotic Weapons Hard Whip Staff Bian Though this brutal solid steel baton is marketed as a Bian or Hard Whip Staff, it's neither a whip nor a whip staff. Whip staffs are usually about four feet in length and slender -- hardwood instead of steel. Fast movement and painful whip strikes form core movements in the weapon's applications.

This Hard Whip or Bian bears more resemblance to a police baton than a whip staff. Twenty eight inches of solid stainless steel, weighing over five pounds, would be dangerous if it were nothing more than a plain steel rod. With beaded ribs placed every few inches on the striking section, this hard whip could effectively catch and parry edged weapons. Impacting on an opponent, the beads focus the force of the strike on a very small area. Shattering bones should be easy, and could happen even in practice.

The hard whip's design is simple but effective, with a heavier turned handle section and a wrist lanyard to help retain the Bian in your hand and not your opponent's. The smooth finish makes the grip a little uncertain. Take care when performing fast practice moves. Using the lanyard gives you a fall back if the heavy baton slides out of a sweaty hand.

At five pounds, action will be slow compared to the traditional whip staff. The delivery of a Bian's blow won't involve the flexibility or speed of a bullwhip or the lashing effect of a sjambok, but this weapon would be right at home in a country where those other barbarous tools are still used on people. In civilized societies, this Bian won't pass as a walking stick. The only safe application is as a training tool -- in public be sure to carry the Bian in the nylon carrying case. It would be just as effective still in the bag.

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