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Fantasy Pirate Battle Axe Twin Blades w/ Display Plaque

General Edge Skeleton Chaser

Posted by JT Hats

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Medieval Fantasy Battle Axe Twin BladesThe Skeleton Chaser Fantasy Axe from General Edge could have dropped from the hands of a fallen orc warrior. Though the handle is aluminum, there's plenty of high level sharp stainless steel in this twin-bladed fantasy battleaxe.

If you haven't seen this axe up close, you may expect a larger weapon. Twenty-four-and-3/8 inches long overall, this rather small fantasy axe includes a spiked ring surrounding the central cast poly resin skull decoration. The Skeleton Chaser axe has enough points and blades to be dangerous, so don't treat it as a toy simply because it has an outrageous look. Even though it's a one-hander, a mistake with it could cause genuine harm to friends or furniture.

The Skeleton Chaser's ornate blades are cut from high carbon stainless steel but not tempered or sharpened. The axe has been designed purely as an ornamental weapon and mounts securely to a wooden wall plaque included with the purchase. If your family includes small children, be sure to hang the plaque and axe well out of reach -- small hands might find a way to tip it off the stand.

Though the Skeleton Chaser Fantasy Axe is probably a generic design and not a replica of any well-known virtual weapon, the pattern is one any gaming expert will find familiar. It's an axe built for today's virtual heroes, perfect for leveling up by smashing hordes of the evil undead in the caverns of the imagination. Don't test it in the real world.

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