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Final Fantasy Nodachi Sword, Prettz Legend of the Crystals

Long 67.5 Inch Blade w/ Scabbard by Trademark Global

Posted by JT Hats

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Final Fantasy Nodachi Sword, PrettzIf you're a fan of the Final Fantasy story, you may recognize the Trademark Nodachi Sword. This hefty weapon was the favorite of the story's main character, Prettz. If you haven't seen the story, VHS may be your only chance to see "The Legend of the Crystals" in the U.S.

Prettz, the nodachi-wielding and bomb-throwing motorcyclist who's the hero of this four-part saga, makes short work of enemies with this powerful blade. Based on an old infantry weapon from Japan, the 67-1/2-inch nodachi matches the weapon in the movie only in appearance. The orange and black woven grip and colorful yellow tassel conceal construction of decorative quality -- not the full tang often advertised. To ease shipping and manufacturing difficulties, the Final Fantasy Nodachi was manufactured in two pieces which thread together using aluminum fittings. Lacking a full length tang, final weight of the weapon drops by about two pounds compared to stouter versions.

Although it's good enough for display, the fittings won't hold up to impacts and prevent any serious swordplay. The nodachi's 38-inch blade slips into a black scabbard with a three-inch-wide hand-crafted tsuba.

Released on DVD in Japan, the four-part Legend of the Crystals takes place five hundred years after the original setting of the Final Fantasy story. The new saga keeps many of the old concepts but presents them in new ways. You'll recognize creatures like the chocobos, but don't expect the same old thing.

If you're interested in a nodachi that does have strong full tang construction, see the Trademark Full Tang Nodachi.

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