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Full Tang Rurouni Kenshin Sword

Reverse Blade Sakabato

Posted by Ken

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Full Tang Rurouni Kenshin Sword This isn't a "flashy" sword. It's not overlaid with solid gold, or carved with intricate Japanese characters. But it is still a product of quality craftsmanship.

The noteworthiness comes from the battle-ready construction of its blade. The 27.5-inch blade is full-tang, made from one solid piece of high carbon steel, and is extremely sharp. So parents, keep this one away from the kids! And stay away from the version that does not feature the full-tang -- that one is cheaply made and inauthentic.

That blade is reverse sharpened, making it a true Sakabato and not a Katana.

Now some Kenshin fans may quibble with this sword, because there's some controversy with the blade. One such debated feature is its Hi, which runs the length of the blade. For us Westerners, that's known as a blood groove, essential to any battle-ready sword. But according to Kenshin aficionados, the original sword doesn't have a blood groove because no authentic samurai sword should have a blood groove!

Seems like that's the only thing that got left out of the authenticity process though. You'll find traditional Samurai accents in the craftsmanship of the tsuka (hilt), wrapped with a real Ido cloth handle. And the measurements follow the same specs of all the other Rurouni Kenshin anime swords to date.

So does the groove really matter? Depends on how you like your authenticity. Do you prefer your swords battle-ready, or genuinely Samurai? Therein lies the true value of the Kenshin replica sword.

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