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Sengoku General Katana Sword

Combat Ready Full Tang | Handmade Japanese

Posted by Ken

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Sengoku General Katana Sword The Sengoku General katana has a good balance of functionality and flair. If you're an art lover, an historian, or a collector of battle-ready swords, you shouldn't have any doubts as to whether or not it's a quality piece of work.

It's 28.5 inches in length, perfectly balanced, full tang, razor-sharp, and battle-ready. More importantly, it carries on the ancient Japanese samurai tradition of folded steel. The blade has been hand-forged in a six-step process and the hamon heated with clay, with an added bloodline on the ridge for extra balance.

Aged brass trim highlights the fittings, tsuba, and pommel. The tsuba is crafted in the round Maru Gata style, and features a delicate orchid-and-vine design.

The katana's handle is made from imitation shark skin (so it's PETA-friendly) with a black cotton wrap. Decorative menuki are added as well. These have been used since ancient times to help with the grip of the sword, and in this case, take on the form of golden dragons.

But be careful: Check the price. This katana is sometimes retailed at over $450! It's a beautiful sword, but $450 is just outrageous. Don't fall for it. You should be able to find it for around a hundred bucks.

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