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General Edge Celtic Sword w/ Leather Sheath

Medieval Fantasy Dress Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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General Edge Celtic Sword w/ LeatherThe Celtic Dress Sword from General Edge includes modern interpretations of the old features of this ancient European blade. The result is a display sword with a good overall look.

The crescent moon motif that forms the sword's hilt and pommel fits the modern idea of what a Celtic sword should be, although in 500 BC when the Celts battled the Roman legions, the swords were much simpler. The Celts used longswords with handles of natural materials, like born and horn, and shortswords with copper hilts. Some of the stories left from those days describe warriors stopping in the middle of the battle to straighten out bent blades -- iron and steel were relatively new then, and many weapons were imperfect.

So complain if you will about the riveted embellishments on this light and nicely balanced modern Celtic sword, because in some ways it's probably better than the real thing. With a central blood groove beyond the ability of the smiths of ancient Europe and a refined shape that resembles the old gladius of Rome, this 26.5-inch sword with a 19-inch-long polished high carbon stainless steel blade could have been a nobleman's weapon in the days of the Empire. The Dress Sword is unquestionably a little light for the real battlefield.

The sword's ornate handle, built of hardwood and brass-plated metal spacers around a rat tail tang, doesn't look out of place -- and the stitched natural leather sheath goes well with the pattern. The Celtic Dress Sword should be welcome among the modern Celts.

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