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Scimitar Naginata Display Spear, Guandao

Martial Arts Black Dragon Polearm Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Scimitar Naginata Display Spear,Heavy polearms like the Black Dragon Naginata are some of the most difficult weapons to recreate. Attaching the heavy scimitar blade to the shaft requires considerably more than just insertion, and even modern, all-metal welded versions often have serious problems with this. If you would like a pole weapon to hang on the wall, the Black Dragon will do nicely. If you want a pole weapon to play with, and intend to take a practice swing at something now and then, you should look for something stronger. If you want a true naginata for display, you should get something more accurate since this Black Dragon is closer to the Guandao -- a similar anti-cavalry polearm from old China. Naginata were lighter and faster than the guandao, with long sword-like blades rather than this heavy chopping weapon style.

This five-foot-long horsecutter wields a 21-1/4 inch carbon steel blade. The body of the blade has been blackened but has a polished edge, and the overall look is crude. The Black Dragon has not been professionally honed to a sharp edge since this is a piece for display only. Fittings and handle are lightly built, too fragile to solidly support the sculpted blade if the Black Dragon sees any action, even in practice. Even today's combat steel guandao don't match the standards of the real thing.

Guandao were designed for battles against cavalry, and the genuine weapons were strong enough to fell horses and sweep armored riders from their mounts. One of the original horsecutter blades is said to have weighed over forty pounds, but the modern versions range from twenty pounds to five. The Black Dragon symbolizes that weapon. There's nothing wrong with owning a nice display piece, but if you expect more than that from the Black Dragon Naginata, you'll be disappointed.

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