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Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Katana, Arrancar Army

Bleach Anime Zanpakuto Sword, Full Tang Blue

Posted by JT Hats

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Grimmjow Jeagerjaques Katana, ArrancarThis reproduction of the personal katana of Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, an evolved hollow or demon from the Japanese manga series Bleach, faithfully reproduces the details of the ordinary version of Grimmjow's magical sword. When the sword of this high-ranking member of the Army of Arrancar does transform, it changes Grimmjow as well.

The sword's tsuba matches the crooked S of the katana shown in the series, and the scabbard and grip of the weapon are replicated in the correct blue color of Grimmjow's ordinary or physical weapon. Tsuba and pommel are cast metal with an antique bronze finish. The sword shows the traditional full tang construction with hardwood handle and hardwood sheath. The 41-inch-long, 440 high carbon stainless steel katana provides 27 inches of un-sharpened cutting edge. A woven blue cord ito overlies the simulated white rayskin covering of the handle. Although the sword is an accurate reproduction of the anime weapon, it's built for display purposes only.

Grimmjow's sword plays less of an active role in the combat than most of the Bleach weapons, since Grimmjow prefers fighting hand-to-hand. In response to Grimmjow's battle cry or shikai, the katana changes Grimmjow into a panther-like human protected by white armor. Blades protrude from his forearms and calves, his teeth grow long and sharp, and claws develop on his hands and feet. In addition to the physical changes, Grimmjow acquires special spiritual combat powers.

See the Kisuke Urahara Katana for an example of a different magical weapon from Bleach.

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