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Red Dragon Sword Blade by Bud K

Fantasy Elven Scimitar w/ Magnetic Twin Blades, Display Stand

Posted by JT Hats

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Red Dragon Sword Blade by Bud K Bud K's Red Dragon Scimitar holds an interesting secret. By itself, the Red Dragon is distinctive and appears lethal -- but in a pinch, this blade can become two fantastic weapons.

The striking, ruddy red, high carbon stainless steel blade of the 33-1/2-inch sword carries the elegant sweep of an Elven weapon, built light and fast for the hands of that slightly built race. Two more red-tinged blades project beyond the edges of the cast metal blade guard. The rat-tail tang ends in a silvered antiqued metal pommel, and the slightly curved handle of the sword is wrapped with black bindings.

The hidden secret of the sword is that the bladed portion of the blade guard attaches to the central section of the guard magnetically. Snapping the outer part of the guard free reveals five central finger holes which mount the twin blades to the off hand for parrying action and for unexpected new attack strategies.

The Red Dragon Scimitar comes with a black wooden display stand suitable for the desktop. Consider the Red Dragon a display sword, not a combat model, and use the twin-bladed knuckle duster cautiously. It seems better suited to Elven hands than to the human grip and depends on what feels like a very awkward and vulnerable hand position. Sword and hand weapon are shaped but not sharpened -- if you decide to improve the edge, be careful not to damage the red finish of the blades.

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