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Forschner Victorinox Salmon Slicing Knife

Kitchen & Fish Granton 12 Inch Plain Edge Blade NSF

Posted by JT Hats

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Forschner Victorinox Salmon SlicingFrom Forschner Victorinox, this 12-inch granton blade is designed specifically for accurate slicing of smoked salmon. You'll get the famous practical quality of Victorinox cutlery with this important knife, with performance equal to that of much more expensive salmon slicing blades.

Stamped high carbon stainless steel forms the blade and full tang of the knife. Stamped steel guarantees that the finished product keeps the characteristics of the original alloy -- hot forging sometimes forms weakened areas with slightly different combinations of elements. Heat-treating the blade creates a reliable temper and strength in every part of the knife. The Granton Salmon Knife flexes to follow subtle contours easily, but has enough stiffness to cut wide, straight sections. That's important for producing the thinnest and most uniform slices of smoked salmon, an increasingly expensive seafood delicacy.

The many granton hollows ground into the knife's surface decrease cutting friction by reducing the amount of blade that actually contacts the fish. These hollows collect oils and lubricate the movement of the knife, letting slices slide over the steel without tearing. The comfortable black Fibrox handle is non-slip even when wet and completely seals the knife's tang, making cleanup quick and simple.

This plain-edged knife sharpens quickly with a honing steel, but you'll need one with enough length to match the longer blade. Forschner's stain-free steel should be hand washed, not put through the dishwasher.

See the Wusthof Classic Salmon Slicer for a forged version of this same specialty blade.

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