Sushi KnivesKnives as beautiful as the food they make, sushi and sashimi knives are not found in every American kitchen as yet. If you like knives you’ll want to find a reason to own one. Many would make excellent carving or boning knives as well as being perfect for portioning raw seafood and slicing delicate strips of vegetables. Even if you don’t eat raw fish these are wonderful knives, built for a level of craftsmanship in food preparation that’s unusual in American cuisine. Sushi knives prepare food with attention to form and texture and color as well as flavor. Many of the details would be lost if the food were cooked.

The purpose of the sushi knife is fine control and accurate slicing — edges are so narrow and sharp that the food parts in translucent slices without distortion. Low quality knives give low quality results, so buying the best makes sense. That’s hard to remember when even the cheap import sushi knives look like they ought to be really good. I’ve been a tourist in Asia often enough to have acquired caution where bargains are concerned.

These knives come from a culture where food preparation is also a spectator sport. You don’t go to the best sushi restaurants just to eat; you go to see the chefs at work. Most of us won’t ever approach that level of skill, but we can aspire to it. Having the knives that make such things possible is certainly a justifiable pleasure.

Some of Our Favorites

It’s an entry-level sushi blade in a more ordinary stainless steel than the master-level blades, but the Bunmei Yanagi has the traditional single bevel blade design and performs well. Sharpens with ordinary stones and steels.

The Yoshikin Global Yanagi is at least close to the high end of the scale and comes in either left-hand or right-hand versions, with the single bevel ground on either side of the blade.

Here’s where sushi knife technology meets a new American need: the Wusthof Grand Prix II Salmon Slicer incorporates Japanese design features, creating a blade to slice our favorite American fish into exotically thin fillets.

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Sashimi / Sushi Knives

Shun Pro Asian Chef’s Knife Set of 3 | Laurent Gras Signature, Kitchen Cutlery Gift Collection

This set of three professional quality Asian chef’s knives from the Shun Pro series comes in a velvet-lined wooden presentation case....
JT Hats
56 sec read

Forschner Victorinox Salmon Slicing Knife | Kitchen & Fish Granton 12 Inch Plain Edge Blade NSF

From Forschner Victorinox, this 12-inch granton blade is designed specifically for accurate slicing of smoked salmon. You’ll get the famous practical...
JT Hats
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Trademark Global Sushi Knife Set of 3 | Full Tang Asian Cutlery w/ Pakkawood Handles

Trademark Global’s 3-Piece Sushi Knife set has everything the high-end Asian knives offer except the best steel. If you’re an expert...
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Wusthof Gourmet Fish Fillet Knife | Lightweight 9 Inch | Stainless Steel Kitchen Cutlery

Much lighter than the typical forged Wusthof knife, this Wusthof Gourmet 9-Inch Fish Fillet Knife features a slender blade of razor...
JT Hats
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Sushi 3 Knife Gift Set | Chopsticks & Holders w/ Hard Carrying Case

The briefcase-sized metal bound carrying case of this set holds three styles of sushi knives plus four reusable lacquered chopsticks and...
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Japanese Import Sashimi Sushi Knife | Asian Cutlery 9 1/4 Inch

Always interesting and always a gamble, I see many knives of this type on the shelves of locally-owned Asian supermarkets when...
JT Hats
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Wusthof Grand Prix II Salmon Slicer Knife | Stainless Steel Hollow Ground 12 Inch

This special purpose knife from Wusthof is built for shaving perfect thin slices from what was used to be my favorite...
JT Hats
1 min read

Bunmei Yanagi Sushi, Sashimi Knife | Stainless Steel, 10 Inch Single Bevel Blade

The yanagi or yanagiba is loosely translated from Japanese as willow blade as it resembles the willow leaf. Like many traditional...
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Best Sushi Knife: Yoshikin Global Yanagi / Sashimi | 10-Inch, Left-handed or Right

This sushi knife features all of Global’s signature bells-and-whistles: the sure-grip comfortable handle, single-beveled razor-sharp blade and their patented sand-filled handles...
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