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Shun Pro Asian Chef’s Knife Set of 3

Laurent Gras Signature, Kitchen Cutlery Gift Collection

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Pro Asian Chef's Knife Set of 3 This set of three professional quality Asian chef's knives from the Shun Pro series comes in a velvet-lined wooden presentation case. Each knife bears the etched signature of Chicago Chef Laurent Gras.

The three knives are modern versions of traditional Asian knives but manufactured in 2.5-mm-thick SG-10 steel. That's the extremely hard high carbon stainless steel that forms the core layer of Shun's Damascus steel knives. This set of professional knives was made especially for precise slicing.

The three knife types included here are Yanagi-ba, Nakiri, and Deba. All three feature blades with one hollow-ground flat face and one edge bevel on the opposite side of the blade. That flat side guides the cut like the sole of a plane, while the hollow grind reduces contact with the food and lessens drag. The acute slope of the edge bevel shears food paper thin without tearing. Each knife is supported by a strong forged bolster and a handle grip of D-shaped Pakkawood. Pakkawood has the appearance of dark ebony but is actually created by layering resin-impregnated layers of genuine hardwood. The real-wood appearance disguises a handle with better durability and moisture resistance than the best tropical hardwood.

Sushi chefs use the 9-1/2-inch blade of the yanagi-ba knife for perfect slicing of sushi and sashimi. The 6-1/2-inch nakiri slices vegetables, and the 6-1/2-inch deba carves fish, chicken, and meat.

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