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Perseus Sword From The Gods

Clash of the Titans Licensed NECA Replica

Posted by JT Hats

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Perseus Sword From The Gods To battle the gods, you must have a god-like weapon like the Perseus "Sword from the Gods" by NECA. This licensed reproduction of the prop sword wielded by Sam Worthington as Perseus in the hit 2010 movie Clash of the Titans matches the original in details and in construction.

The all-metal sword is tinged with bronze to recreate the look of weaponry from before the days of iron and steel. A depiction of a war chariot charging decorates the base of the blade, and scale-like geometric patterns run the length of the blood groove. Although the shape of the grip resembles bone, it's actually the same metal as the blade. The sword is part of a set of prop weapon replicas from Clash of the Titans licensed to the National Entertainment Collectibles Association.

Perseus, reborn as a human in the movie's storyline, began with a gladius-style sword. After getting swept up in the war against the gods, Olympus offered him a better blade and a good horse named Pegasus. At first Perseus refused the gifts, since accepting them would grant him god-like stature. His victory did eventually depend upon both.

The 34-inch metal sword weighs 4.8 pounds. NECA does not provide display hardware, and the sword doesn't come with a sheath, but the appearance is accurate. You'll definitely get the feel of the movie weapon in this movie replica sword.

For another fine replica of a truly ancient battle sword, see the Dragon Emperor Sword from the movie Mummy III.

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