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Mummy III Jet Li Dragon Emperor Movie Sword

Chinese Emperor Han Dynasty Replica Weapon

Posted by JT Hats

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Mummy III Jet Li Dragon Emperor MovieAn excellent match for the sword wielded by Jet Li as the Dragon Emperor in the movie The Mummy III, this high carbon steel blade would have been just as much at home in the hands of an ancient gladiator.

Very solidly made for a replica weapon, most of this antiqued gladius is steel -- even the grip and pommel are steel with a bronzed patina that gives the sword the appearance of genuine age. There's far more decoration on the wooden scabbard's fittings, which use patterns taken from Han Dynasty relics. The sword looks made for a emperor from the days when kings fought for their kingdoms instead of observing from a distance.

When Jet Li as Emperor Han battles his nemesis, the priestess Zi Juan (played by Michelle Yeoh), atop the Great Wall in one of the movie's best scenes, the sword moves quickly and looks light. That indicates that even in his 40s, Jet Li has real swordsmanship and power; the Dragon Emperor's sword is actually a heavy blade. Together with his armour, the Dragon Emperor carried over forty pounds of gear.

You'll notice a similarity between this sword and others from Jet Li's recent movies, but this sword still has its own unique character and a look that fits well with our modern views of ancient China.

If you're a Jet Li fan, you'll also want to see the Sword of the Nameless Hero.

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