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Shun Higo Nokami Steak Knife, Folding

Japanese Executive Cutlery, Locking Blade w/ Pakkawood

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Higo Nokami Steak Knife, Folding The Higo Nokami knife originated in Japan about 150 years ago and probably was the first pocket folder of Japanese design. This elegant knife became popular with Japanese businessmen, who used it for cutting fruit or cheese. Today's Higo Nokami from Shun brings many of the features of today's best cutlery and best folding knives to the steak knife design.

The slender blade opens one-handed with a lever at the base of the blade. Extended to its full length of seven inches, the knife locks open with a simple liner lock. Press on the liner to close the blade. The Shun Higo Nokami's blade of high carbon SG-10 stainless steel is well-designed for cutting steak. The 3-1/2-inch plain edge shouldn't need sharpening more than once every six months and possibly less often. Black Pakkawood provides the ebony-like handle slabs for the knife, which includes brass end caps and a decorative brass emblem in the handle. You'll find the Shun trademark etched on the blade.

This is definitely not an American style of pocket knife. If you want rugged wilderness-tough construction, an American knife will provide that -- but if you want a useful knife that will impress people at a business luncheon, go with the Higo Nokami. Even the country boys in the group will be impressed.

Cleaning the knife by hand in mild detergent is important if you want to keep the high polish intact. Letting food dry on the blade could permanently mar the steel. When you sharpen the edge, remember it's ground to a finer standard with a bevel angle of 16 degrees. The knife includes a leather pocket sheath and a black lacquered presentation case.

See the W.R. Case Russlock for an American pocket knife using the same opening system.

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