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Cold Steel Axe, Tactical Trench Hawk

Throwing or Camping Tomahawk, Polypropylene Handle w/ Sheath

Posted by JT Hats

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Cold Steel Axe, Tactical Trench Hawk Cold Steel's Trench Hawk brings convenient technical improvements to an already popular tactical tomahawk design. Changes make this an excellent axe for throwing, as well as for ordinary camp work.

The drop-forged 5150 high carbon steel of the axe head fits a slot in the strong polypropylene handle. Strong steel fasteners bolt the axe head in the slot, so there's no worry about fitting handles or keeping the handle tight. Ordinary tools now solve that problem. You won't be able to make one of these handles yourself, but Cold Steel sells inexpensive replacements, and the whole process of re-handling is greatly streamlined. Cold Steel rates the poly handle as stronger and more shock-resistant than hickory -- but especially if you use the axe for target throwing, you can expect some damage to accumulate.

In size, this tactical tomahawk rivals one of Cold Steel's traditional frontier styles with an overall length of 19 inches. Modern design and the shift to poly cut the weight of this full-sized throwing hawk to 24 ounces. Unlike many of today's tomahawks, the Trench Hawk was meant for modern hunters and travelers and comes with a Secure-Ex sheath for safe transport and storage. All cutting edges are completely covered, so the Trench Hawk can be stowed inside packs as well as strapped to the outside of your gear.

The 8-3/4-inch axe head provides 3-1/2 inches of axe edge on the main blade and a double-beveled dagger spike as the second face of the tool. The spike pommel finds few practical uses in everyday life but adds wicked potential to the weapon in combat. If you use the axe for camp work, you'll need to be especially aware of your backswing.

Consider the Cold Steel Spetsnaz Shovel as another option for double-duty camping gear.

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