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Shun Bread Knife, Serrated 9 Inch

KAI Premier Tim Malzer TM Kitchen Cutlery from Blade Magazine

Posted by JT Hats

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Shun Bread Knife, Serrated 9 Inch From the KAI Shun Premier Tim Malzer line of fine knives, this 9-Inch Shun Premier Bread Knife is the only one of the six knives in the series which sports a serrated edge. Built for slicing delicate breads and pastries and for sawing through hard crusts, the Premier Bread Knife uses the same basic construction that won the Premier line the 2010 Kitchen Knife of the Year award from Blade Magazine.

Using tips from the philosophy of German celebrity Chef Tim Malzer, the Premier TM knives use the best of Japanese technology but applied in a more European style. In the bread knife, you'll find Shun's famous 33-layer Damask steel, made in the tradition of fine samurai swords with 16 layers of tough high carbon stainless steel sandwiching a single thin central layer of SG-10. By itself, this hardened cutting edge couldn't hold up to the work of prepping -- but braced by the softer steel layers, the knife presents the best qualities of both types of steel. Serrations in the SG-10 sink quickly through hard crusted breads and rolls, and the thin blade slips through the soft interior without tearing. There's less drag because the rippled steel layers reduce contact with the bread. The unique hand-hammered tsuchime finish of the blade cuts drag even more.

Built with a grip of walnut Pakkawood, resin-injected to prevent distortion by humidity and protect against both heat and abrasion, this knife conforms to western grip standards. Filling the hollows of the palm comfortably, the grip feels secure and gives complete control of the knife. A stainless steel bolster and end cap reinforce the handle. Shun's trademark is embossed in the end cap's steel.

For a knife with a similar style of blade but designed to fit the ordinary budget, see the Forschner Victorinox Bread Knife.

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