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Global G-16 Chef’s or Cook’s Knife

Yoshikin Full Tang Stainless Steel 10 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Global G-16 Chef's or Cook's Knife The award-winning design of the Global G-16 10-Inch Chef's Knife brings new versatility to the powerhouse blade of the European kitchen. All-stainless steel construction reduces upkeep to a minimum without increasing weight. This excellent chef's knife cuts weight by ounces compared to the standard European pattern.

Shoppers online may think a knife with a ten-inch blade is too much, but that's just about right for a cook's knife in average hands. Cook's knives are the blades you turn to when slicing hard squash, watermelon, and other tricky items -- and you need extra blade length to do that accurately. A ten-inch blade also handles multiple carrots and other smaller vegetables well, saving time on the cutting board. With a longer blade you get more slicing stroke, cutting vegetables cleanly instead of pressing through with a shearing action.

You'll find many good reasons to choose the Global G-16 over competitive blades from Germany. The high carbon stainless steel in Global blades is tempered harder and ground to a thinner cutting edge. Global recommends sharpening the blade at a 15-degree angle; European blades use a much wider 25-degree edge bevel. Global's design means better edge-retention and less maintenance as well as cleaner, nearly effortless cutting action. Seamless stainless steel cleans up easily and gives cross-contaminating bacteria no hiding places. Global's lighter build is perfectly balanced -- technicians adjust each knife by adding sand to the hollow handle before final sealing. Total weight of the finished G-16 Chef's Knife is 9 ounces, according to Global's website. That's three ounces less than the equivalent from Wusthof.

For the best care of this knife, you'll need good sharpening stones like the Global Medium Grit Ceramic Whetstone. Standard honing steels could chip the edge.

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