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Medium Grit Ceramic Sharpening Waterstone by Global

Posted by JT Hats

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Global Ceramic Whetstone Produced by Yoshikin for upkeep of their especially hard-edged cutlery, these stones bring more efficient materials to the old Japanese waterstone method of maintaining sharp edges. Global knives feature long lasting blades which seldom need sharpening but are too hard to respond well to resetting with a sharpening steel. Edges may chip when honed with a steel.

The Global Ceramic stones allow owners to put the finest edge back on their Global knives without the problems waterstones present. Natural waterstone literally needs to be thoroughly saturated with water by soaking for 24 hours before first use, otherwise the stones quickly clog with steel particles. Waterstones also cut with a paste of grit and water that forms on the surface of the whetstone, not completely with the abrasive matrix itself. Natural stones wear away quickly. The Global Ceramic stones use graded ceramic powder in a thick bonded layer above a ceramic plate. A solid rubber base gives a good grip on a counter's surface without marring the finish of the workspace.

The abrasive matrix only needs a surface layer of water, not an overnight soak. If slight hollows form in the stone, the whetstone can be leveled out by grinding flat with a second stone of coarser grit. Skilled users will be able to move the blade about the stone without creating inefficient dips in the face.

This 1000 grit stone is the medium or second stage of the sharpening process. Three stones in increasingly fine abrasives are required for a complete reworking of Global knives, but serious reshaping isn't often necessary. Touching up with the medium and fine stones may be all that's needed -- the finer grades of Global knives could stay sharp for months in normal use.

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