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Japanese Import Sashimi Sushi Knife

Asian Cutlery 9 1/4 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Japanese Import Sashimi Sushi Knife Always interesting and always a gamble, I see many knives of this type on the shelves of locally-owned Asian supermarkets when we're out shopping for unusual food. It's hard to know if you've found a bargain in a knife like this until you bring it home.

What you can tell by looking is that this is a mass-produced knife in a very old style, with a wooden handle prone to water damage and a thin metal ferrule that under stress may not keep the rat tail tang securely in place. Most knives today are high carbon stainless steel, but if you buy imported knives you may get lucky and find old carbon steel now and then even today. The blade is likely to be good but not great.

Import knives like this are an adventure in shopping and not necessarily a bad thing. This is the way knives used to be made, and with proper care they do last -- the dishwasher is a forbidden zone, and even immersion in water is a bad idea since the tang is a simple press fit that loosens when wet. Standards of workmanship are uncertain -- even if there's a lifetime warranty slip in the box with this sashimi sushi blade, it's probably only worth the paper it's printed on.

I have several knives of similar quality and origin, because I'm prone to buy souvenirs even when I'm not on vacation. In the kitchen they've never been quite so nice as they seemed in the box. When you buy a knife you intend to use daily, you're better off with a big name brand and a reliable product history.

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