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Sushi 3 Knife Gift Set

Chopsticks & Holders w/ Hard Carrying Case

Posted by JT Hats

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Complete Sushi Knife 3 Piece Gift Set The briefcase-sized metal bound carrying case of this set holds three styles of sushi knives plus four reusable lacquered chopsticks and four ceramic chopstick holders. All pieces fit into cutouts in the foam liner, locked away securely until it's time to cut some fish.

Sushi knives have a distinctive look and style that comes across even in this economical set of forged 420C high carbon stainless steel. There are some good features here, but the quality of the set is largely determined by that same 420C. It's been many years since that alloy was the best stainless the industry could offer, but it's still a serviceable steel for cutlery if owners don't mind frequently touching up the blades with a hone.

Since clean cuts are so important to the art of sushi, those edges will need to be maintained at a razor edge. Though 420C is usually tempered to allow for easy resetting, it could be vulnerable to hard objects like small bones. Edges should fold rather than chip and are quickly restored with a honing steel. If you only cut sushi occasionally, this set might suit your needs well enough. The blades won't compete with powdered steel knives or ceramic blades.

Forged blades and bolsters are stronger than necessary for the delicate work of sushi cutting but do give the knives a traditional look. The Pakkawood handle slabs, built of a layered hardwood and resin composite, are extremely stable even if run through a dishwasher and should last many years without distortion or wear. Full tang triple-riveted construction leaves little room for structural problems.

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