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Lansky Diamond Knife Sharpening System

Coarse, Medium and Fine Grit Hones

Posted by JT Hats

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Lansky Diamond Knife Sharpening System Where this sharpening system will really come in handy is in reworking badly worn and damaged blades. Using the Lansky system, it's possible to hone knife bevels accurately to one of four angles ranging from 17 degrees to 30 degrees. If you don't have the knack of regrinding with flat stones without a guide, the Lansky system will refurbish a blade without requiring much skill on your part. The long lasting and accurate diamond hones shape, refine and polish the knife edge with three grades of progressively finer abrasives without messy oils or clogged stones.

The down side is that the Lansky system takes a while to learn and can be tricky to set up. If you don't have the hand-eye coordination needed to sharpen a knife with a whetstone, the Lansky hones with their guide rods and blade holding clamp could be an awkward challenge. Patience will still be needed. The most common cause of a botched blade edge is trying to rush the job. With the Lansky jig, being in a hurry might cause some injuries.

The knife blade clamps in the jig with the edge outward. If you hold the diamond hone improperly and file the edge too far and too fast, you could lose a fingertip. The company provides instruction online here and the video should be watched carefully before experimenting on your own.

If you like innovative engineering, the Lansky Sharpening System is a fascinating example of American ingenuity and a worthwhile piece for your collection. Be careful when setting it up -- some of the adjustments depend on thumbscrews set into a threaded plastic base which could be easily stripped out.

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