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Wusthof Salmon Slicer Fish Knife, Full Tang

Classic Solingen Forged Granton 12 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Wusthof Salmon Slicer Fish Knife, FullOne of the finest salmon slicing knives Wusthof makes, the Classic Hollow-Ground Salmon Slicer with 12-inch-long blade was made specifically for slicing thin sheets of smoked salmon, also known as lox. The paper-thin cuts provide all the flavor of this expensive fish with less waste.

When slicing salmon by hand, the goal is more than just economy. Skilled slicing improves the color of the product. The freshly cut fish contains more oil and therefore more flavor than salmon cut by machine and stored until used. That improvement partly depends on the chef and partly on the knife. The knife must be top quality to make that precise cut well. One of the standards chefs use during this work is to cut so thinly that the blade can be seen through the flesh at all times. Only a low friction razor sharp blade will do this work that accurately.

The long, forged blade of the Wusthof salmon slicer is accurately ground and tempered to hold that essential sharp edge. Quality of the cut increases because of the granton hollow grind of the slicer blade. The slight hollows reduce drag by decreasing the contact surface, but also fill with lubricating oils from the fish to ease the blade through the cut without tearing the delicate flesh. The knife point isn't used for piercing and is intentionally rounded to prevent tearing the fish. The extra length of the blade extends the tip well beyond the carcass of the fish.

Forged from one piece of Solingen high carbon stainless steel, the salmon slicer features a solid steel bolster and a blade laser-tested for accuracy. All parts of the knife, including the black polymer handle slabs riveted to the knife's full tang, are guaranteed for life. Wash the stain-free blade by hand to keep the polished steel blemish-free.

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