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Hanwei Hand and a Half Albrecht Sword

Practical Reenactment Medieval Blunt Blade Tip

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanwei Hand and a Half Albrecht Sword Based on the Albrecht Hand and a Half Sword produced in the early 15th century, the CAS Hanwei Practical Hand and a Half Sword restructures the original concept for today's re-enactment and stage needs. The Practical version rivals the Albrecht in many ways but was built to provide accurate portrayal of combat without lopping off limbs.

To create the Practical Hand and a Half, CAS Hanwei designed a weapon with superior strength and toughness but no point or sharp edge. The differences aren't obvious unless you're up close, but the tip of the 43-3/4-inch sword is rounded, and the cutting edges of the well-fullered 1065 high carbon steel blade are smooth and thick. Thickness at the cutting edge is actually 1/16 inch. Tempered to only Rockwell 50, the sword can deliver a full force stroke against an opponent's blade or armor with minimal damage to the edge.

Because the sword is one piece of forged steel from tip to tang, there are no welds to create weak points. The tang joins the blade with rounded internal curves, not sharp angles. Stress at the base of the blade diffuses through the tang. The steel cross-guard isn't just decorative -- it's built to parry the enemy's blade. Handle construction is permanent with a pommel riveted to the sword's tang and sealing the leather-bound wooden grip in place. Two pounds and 12 ounces without the scabbard, the sword could be tiring to modern-day knights but was designed to allow use with one or both hands.

The sword comes with a sturdy sheath of glass-filled resin with a wood-grain finish, more stable and durable than the natural material.

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