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Hanwei Medieval Viking Sword Replica

Practical Blunt Edge Weapon for Reenactment or Cosplay

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanwei Medieval Viking Sword Replica If you've ever been disappointed by a replica sword which didn't hold up to a practice swing, you'll be pleased with the Practical Viking Sword from CAS Hanwei. Built with re-enactment and stage applications in mind, it's made for hitting and toned down just a little for safety reasons.

Swords used in today's re-enactment societies need many of the qualities of genuine combat weapons, but not the lethality of the old breed. CAS Hanwei's practical series provides swords with blunted tips and false edges, but forged from steel that can hold up to hard use. High carbon 1065 spring steel would take a sharp edge, but the quality Hanwei brings out in this Practical Viking Sword's steel is toughness. With an edge a full 1/16 inch thick and hardened only to Rockwell 50, this sword can counter blades and smash into armor without taking serious damage. A fullered blood groove lightens the blade and improves both balance and speed. Total weight is a little over two pounds.

Modern replica blades often fail in areas prospective owners can't see -- the tang concealed by cross-guard and grip usually is the weakest part of a poorly made sword. The Practical Viking Sword's tang joins the blade with curved corners, not 90 degree angles, and the entire sword from blade tip to the tang's end is one piece of forged steel. No welds and no sharp angles mean the usual weak points aren't here. Both cross-guard and pommel are polished steel, and the grip is permanently assembled by peening the end of the tang over the pommel. The durable hardwood grip becomes even stronger with a covering of real leather.

Even the scabbard is built tough, with a shell of glass-filled resin that looks like polished wood. Patterned after an old Ninth Century design from Scandanavia, the Practical Viking Sword is an old weapon built for new battles. Swing away...

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