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Hanwei Sword Cane, CAS Bird Dog

Stainless Steel Functional Blade w/ Rosewood Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanwei Sword Cane, CAS Bird Dog Made from solid stainless steel and genuine rosewood, the CAS Hanwei Bird Dog Sword Cane combines elegance and a completely functional high carbon stainless steel sword blade. Whether you're a collector or a swordsman looking for discreet defense, you'll like the Bird Dog Sword Cane.

All parts are high quality. Investment casting -- a tricky advanced technique used for fine artwork -- created the bird dog styling of the cast grip. Instead of the usual fragile cast metal, the Bird Dog Cane uses heavier and indestructible stainless steel. The rosewood grip of the sword cane ends in a stainless steel ferrule which protects the grip from damage and matches the mouth of the scabbard exactly.

Hidden in the polished rosewood shaft of the cane you'll find a 25-1/2-inch-long high carbon steel sword blade firmly set in the stainless steel grip. The blade is also several cuts above the usual collector's cane and isn't a simple spike. The Bird Dog's blade is a true sword -- double-edged and forged with a fullered blood groove. Tempered for real action, the blade's stock is thick enough to take considerable stress and measures 0.21 inches at the base.

Overall, the cane is 37-1/2 inches long and most users will find it comfortable, although neither rosewood nor steel are the lightest possible materials and the cane does weigh 1 lb. 13 oz. That's a little heavy if you need a cane, but about right if you're looking for a secret sword.

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