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Hanwei Shuriken Throwing Knife Set

Darts With Arm or Leg Strap Nylon Pouch

Posted by JT Hats

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Hanwei Shuriken Throwing Knife Set If you've not practiced with shuriken -- thrown weapons which ranged from darts and knives to multi-pronged throwing stars -- you might prefer something cheap. If you're good enough to appreciate the real thing, consider this set of six shuriken from CAS Hanwei.

Made from tempered steel, these blackened throwing darts weigh two ounces apiece and have enough sticking power to be deadly in skilled hands, and dangerous in others. Practice with caution because ricochets can hurt. These six-inch-long darts feature tapered double-edged blades too thick to be good knives but tough enough to stand up to hard hits and bad throws. The set comes in a sturdy nylon fabric pouch which straps either to the ankle or the forearm and keeps the array at the ready. Wire-wrapped shanks provide a good grip and accurately balance the heavy blades.

This traditional style recreates one of the genuine Ninja weapons. Shuriken took many forms, but most were simple and easy to conceal. Plain spikes or slender knives took considerable skill to use as thrown weapons, and the more advanced shuriken overcame problems by feathering shafts or creating multiple points as in the throwing star design. To use this set well, you'll need many hours of practice and probably some professional instruction. If you want accurate design and the feel of reality, you'll enjoy this set of six shuriken darts from CAS Hanwei.

See the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Throwing Knife Set for a less expensive but still usable shuriken set in anime style.

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