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Swamp Rat Modified Bowie Knife M6

Collectors Fixed Blade w/ Micarta Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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The M6 isn't part of the Swamp Rat Knife Works current production but is sometimes available in new or used condition as a pre-owned knife. Made from SR101 high carbon steel, the M6 has the superior edge-holding ability of older carbon tool steels and makes up for lower corrosion resistance with a protective anti-glare coating.

The Swamp Rat Custom M6 fixed blade measures about a foot in overall length, with a six-inch modified Bowie blade designed for piercing as well as slicing. Ground from steel stock nearly a quarter inch in thickness, the M6 gains durability through special heat treating methods as well as a strong style of blade grinding. Temper at the cutting edge is much harder than in the blade spine and handle tang. This differential heat treating increases the flexibility of the knife and adds shock resistance, while keeping the edge hard enough to stay razor sharp.

Handle slabs of textured micarta form the M6's grip. The micarta follows the shape of the handle tang, which includes a dropped bolster section as finger guard and a deep finger choil. The knife's handle has rounded edges and a comfortable shape which allows extended periods of work and provides a solid handhold. Swamp Rat handles won't wreck your hands if you actually use the knife to build a primitive camp. The Swamp Rat M6 pommel consists of an exposed tang corner pierced with a lanyard hole -- a simple design which allows some smashing action without stressing the knife's micarta grip.

See the Gerber LHR for another durable fixed blade designed for tactical use but equally useful as a survival tool.

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