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Highlander Duncan MacLeod Katana w/ Concealed Scabbard

United Cutlery Scottish Sword Replica w/ Ivory Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Highlander Duncan MacLeod Katana w/United Cutlery's licensed replica of Duncan MacLeod's katana from the Highlander saga exceeds what you'd expect in a display weapon. Made of hand forged high carbon steel, this comes very close to the quality of entry-level cutting katanas.

Although not as rugged as a sword truly designed for tamashigiri, this replica of the katana used by the famous Scottish immortal warrior compensates with accurate details taken from the actual prop specifications. In the movie, Duncan acquired the katana from his samurai teacher. Ordered to commit ritual suicide because of passing on his swordsmanship skills to a foreigner, Hideo Koto requested that Duncan behead him with his own sword, which Duncan then inherited.

This replica does have the feel of a sword which could do much more than decorate a wall. Forty inches long with a 27-inch blade, the sword is hand-forged and tempered 1045 high carbon steel. That's one of the same grades used for good wushu kung fu blades, able to strike and rebound without being damaged. Although it isn't as tough as a combat quality blade, it could survive light cutting practice unharmed. Since 1045 isn't stainless, some regular maintenance and cleaning with light oil will be necessary to keep the blade spotless. The sword's tsuba and handle are less durable than the blade. To mimic the qualities of carved ivory, United Cutlery cast the ornate dragon head grip from resin. The resemblance to the real material is good.

The katana includes a scabbard similar to the one Duncan used for concealing the weapon beneath an overcoat. Made of leather and imitation leather, the quality isn't as good as the details of the sword, but the carrying system does work.

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