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Hitachi Table Miter Saw, Compound C10FSH

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Posted by JT Hats

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Hitachi Table Miter Saw, CompoundThe Hitachi C10FSH Compound Miter Saw is a great machine for the workshop and the work site with extra capacity in a size small enough for portability. The features packed into this accurate machine actually work well and aren't just sales points.

The Hitachi's soft-start system uses a poly-V-belt, not a geared transmission, so the saw starts up smoothly without recoil. The 3800 rpm (no-load) 12-amp motor drives a ten-inch diameter circular saw blade with the cutting depth of a standard table saw. Ball bearing slides move the saw accurately through the cut, giving the machine a full 12 inches of horizontal capacity. For tricky materials, use the speed control to match the machine to the task -- solid state circuitry provides constant power at all operating speeds.

Hitachi's C10FSH includes ten preset stops at the most commonly used angle settings. Just flip the stop out with your thumb, release the saw and swivel against the stop you selected, and lock the machine down again. It's even possible to change the bevel setting with the workpiece still in place. Built-in workpiece clamps make the job easy.

The C10FSH laser marker cuts down on layout time. Scribe a mark at one edge of the work and use that mark to line up the workpiece on the laser's red beam. The beam does disappear during actual cutting, but the machine keeps the blade on that invisible path. If you've marked it right, you'll cut it right. A built-in dust collector keeps particles out of the air you breathe as well as out of the critical parts of the machine. With a solid reputation and a five-year warranty, the Hitachi C10FSH Compound Miter Saw satisfies on all counts.

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