InuYasha Tetsusaiga Katana | Anime Replica Sword

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InuYasha Tessaiga Katana Here’s another anime replica sword that’s not a bad deal either. It’s from the InuYasha series. The name of the sword is Tessaiga meaning “iron-crushing fang,” and is wielded by InuYasha himself. It’s otherwise called the Sword of Calamity, and is the untransformed version of the Tessaiga.

The Tessaiga stretches to an overall length of 39 inches, and its 27-inch blade is made from polished 440 stainless steel. It’s a display sword, though, so don’t expect to find any battle-ready steel sharpening folds on the blade. Luckily, if that’s not important to you, it means the sword is much more affordable.

The handle is wrapped with brown nylon cord, and is supported on both ends by a brass guard and fittings. The guard is actually made from stainless steel, but is plated with a brass-colored coat.

A flat scabbard is included in the set as well, complete with a red ornament on top as displayed in the original series.

Every aspect of this sword from the rounded guard to the scabbard has been intricately detailed and modeled after the original InuYasha Tessaiga. Any fan would be pleased to receive it.

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