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King Arthur Dagger by Denix

Carnwennan Medieval Fantasy Blade, Zamak 17 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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King Arthur Dagger by Denix Nearly everyone knows the story of King Arthur's Excalibur, but fewer have heard of his favorite dagger, the magical Carnwennan. Consider the massive King Arthur Dagger from Denix, a Spanish company specializing in accurate reproductions of old weaponry, if you're seeking a dagger worthy of the Round Table.

This 17-inch-long dagger with five-inch cast brass grip and hand guard plays the part well. While details of the original Carnwennan or White Hilt dagger of King Arthur are disputable, the quality of this piece won't be disappointing. Denix stays with details appropriate to Arthurian Britain. Some aspects of the dagger King Arthur felt was given to him by God can't be reproduced, such as the ability to cloak the owner in shadow while striking. Cast into the metal plate of the sheath, you'll find the English inscription "King Arthur Dagger." That's a little out of place on what should be an ancient knife, but it's not obvious.

Denix S.A. began operation in 1978, the brainchild of two jewelers who at first specialized in tourist items and then expanded into artistic reproductions of old firearms and edged weapons. Beginning with only two employees, the company steadily grew and now employs 70 people at its facilities in Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain. Denix weapons use synthetic materials where appropriate but keep the appearance of the original items. All blades manufactured by Denix are cast from Zamak, an alloy of zinc and aluminum. Edged Zamak weapons like the King Arthur dagger can't be sharpened to combat quality, but don't consider this heavy blade harmless.

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