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Kit Rae Avoloch Mithrodin Fantasy Sword of Enethia

Autographed Limited Edition Collectible by United Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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Kit Rae Avoloch Mithrodin Fantasy SwordOne in a limited edition run of 1500 pieces, this sword designed by Kit Rae and produced by United Cutlery reproduces the sword named Avoloch, personal weapon of the Princess Enethia in the tale of the Swords of the Ancients. Each sword in the Sword of the Ancients series marks another story in this long history of a conflict between humans, immortals, and bestial half-human warriors.

Avoloch wields three blades of 420J2 high carbon stainless steel with all three set in a cast metal hilt. The curved grip ends in a wicked, spiked cast metal pommel and is wrapped with woven black leather. Forward of the hilt is an un-sharpened section of blade called a ricasso, also wrapped with black leather strapping, which allows two-handed power and fast strikes during close combat. The compound sweep of the polished blade follows the Elven pattern familiar to most from Tolkien-style movies and games.

The 43-3/4-inch-long sword is only 1/8-inch thick, less than a practical combat steel sword but in keeping with the concept of Avoloch. The Avoloch sword, according to the legend, was forged from magical mithrodin, a metal with the hardness and strength of the best high carbon steel but with only a fraction of the weight.

Decorated with engraved runes and antiqued for a more authentic look, the Avoloch Mithrodin Sword comes with a certificate of authenticity from United Cutlery. The base of the blade bears the Kit Rae trademark, and an autographed art print of Princess Enethia brandishing the sword is included.

For another version of the collectible Avoloch Sword, see the Kit Rae Avoloch Gold Edition -- a limited run of 300.

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