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Robin Hood Medieval Sword, Gold Edition

Earl of Huntington Engraved Replica w/ Display Plaque

Posted by JT Hats

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Robin Hood Medieval Sword, Gold Edition Although it's certainly not a true reproduction of the sword carried by Robin of Loxley, better known to history and legend as Robin Hood, this Gold Edition Robin Hood Original sword may be as close as we'll get to the truth.

In style, the sword resembles Knights Templar ceremonial swords, but the pommel displays the name Earl of Huntington and the ornate blade guard depicts symbols appropriate to the Sherwood Forest of legend. Engraving on the blade commemorates well-known members of the Merry Men, including John Little.

The 44-inch-long high carbon stainless steel sword's tang is set firmly in a polished cast brass handle with a grip wrapping of black leather. Made for display only, the double-edged, 38-inch-long blade is properly ground and polished, but not sharpened. No scabbard is available, but the sword does come with a hardwood wall plaque for proper display, and all mounting hardware is included.

Of the several possible true stories of the real Robin Hood, the sword fits best in the version which describes Robin as a deposed and landless nobleman -- possibly the Earl of Huntington. If you're a fan of the legend or of one of the modern movie versions of the story, this sword will be a fine piece for your collection.

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