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Kung Fu Rope Dart

Chrome Steel 11 Foot Wushu | Martial Arts Throwing Weapons

Posted by JT Hats

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Kung Fu Rope Dart Flexible weapons like the rope dart are often described as the most difficult kung fu weapons to learn. The heavy chromed steel dart at the end of this soft eleven foot rope can be thrown and retrieved like a whip, used to wrap up an opponent's weapon, or spun as a nearly invisible high speed bludgeon. If that sounds like the tricky part, wait for the recoil. Beginners usually present the greatest danger to themselves.

Though very little is likely to go wrong with the dart portion of this wushu-quality weapon, the rings which anchor the dart to the rope should be checked carefully. If the dart takes a battering by smashing unexpectedly into objects in the practice area, inspect the links for damage. The dart weighs only 5.5 ounces but exerts considerable force on the links when thrown or spun.

Unless you buy a rope dart to collect, seek expert instruction before playing with this potentially deadly toy. Unlike most kung fu arts, there are few movements in the rope dart system which can be practiced at a slow and safe training speed.

Heavier versions of the rope dart, with triangular cross sections and sharp edges, were designed for real combat. This toned-down version eliminates only a few of the potential dangers. A slightly less lethal design, it's intended for use in acrobatic wushu competition. Without a good teacher, it's not likely that anyone could safely learn the right moves. The rope dart definitely is not something an apartment dweller can practice at home.

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