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Kwan Dao Martial Arts Spear

Chinese Wushu Battle Ready Forged

Posted by JT Hats

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Kwan Dao Martial Arts Spear At over thirteen pounds, this forged high carbon steel Kwan Dao is heavy by today's standards but light in comparison to the old combat Kwan Dao of China. Designed by General Kwan Yu in the 3rd Century A.D. for his personal use, the original Green Dragon Crescent Blade which inspires this kwan dao weighed 40 pounds.

Much lighter versions of the kwan dao are available today, both for training and for wushu practice, but weight is important to the spirit of the weapon. Modern kwan dao are used to develop strength and stamina as well as coordination. Using less than this weight defeats the purpose of the training.

The 24-inch forged steel blade balances the heavy spiked pommel at the base of the steel shaft and makes the weapon capable of spinning and whirling movements as well as thrusts and chops. In blocking, the pommel was driven into the ground for extra leverage and shock absorbing. Many legends developed about this weapon, adopted by the military for combat against both infantry and cavalry. Some stories say the original weapons weighed between 100 and 200 pounds, but that may be a misunderstanding. To pass exams soldiers trained in this weapon had to demonstrate ability with weapons of that size and weight, but only as a fitness test.

Few modern weapons would be good enough for the old battlefields, but this combat steel training kwan dao is certainly good enough for exercise and martial forms.

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