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Leatherman Ukiah Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Bone Saw, Gut Hook

Posted by Ken

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Leatherman Ukiah Fixed Blade HuntingWell, the folks at Portland, Oregon, based Leatherman have done it again. This time with a 3-in-1 fixed blade knife, bone saw, and gut hook - perfect for field dressing in a really ingenious design.

How you ask? When this is a knife, the bone saw and gut hook components are hidden under the handle. When you need the bone saw, it unlocks from the handle and swings out to cover over the blade edge. When you need the gut hook, which is actually the hidden part of the tang, the blade actually rotates around from a pivot point and is tucked safely into the handle. It's difficult to visualize, but very easy to use. The Ukiah is a hunting man's dream.

The components of the blade, bone saw, and gut hook are 154cm stainless steel - American steel which is very hard with pretty good edge retention and decent stain resistance. The blade is a 3.75-inch, straight-edge, and the Ukiah comes with a diamond coated sharpening rod, as well as a full leather sheath. The handle is composed of glass-filled nylon.

This is really an awesome knife. It reminds me of some of the W.R. Case multi-use hunting knives I've seen, but of course the Ukiah is more for function in the field that for decoration in a display case.

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