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Lee Enfield Rifle Bayonet

WWII Militaria Collectible | British SMLE / MLE

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Lee Enfield Bayonet from WWIIDesigned to fit the Lee-Enfield Rifle, the Enfield bayonet comes in two basic forms. The "spike bayonet", which is essentially just a steel spear, attaches to the metal mount on the tip of the rifle and was the original model intended for this rifle. The Number 4 Enfield Model, introduced just before WWII saw the inclusion of a new, bladed bayonet, that used the same mount as the original spike.

The Lee-Enfield Rifle design has been in use for well over a hundred years, making it the longest-continuously serving bolt-action rifle design of any currently-produced model. It was introduced in 1895 and promptly given the nickname "Emily", for "MLE" or Magazine Lee Enfield.

It was a standard-issue rifle for the British Army for the better part of the 20th century and can still be found in use today throughout British Commonwealth nations.

The bayonet can be found in a variety of forms. It can be found newly-manufactured to fit a current rifle. These types of bayonets can be found quite inexpensively. On the other hand, antique collectible bayonets from WWII or earlier can be found sporadically on eBay for up to several hundred dollars, depending on age, historical significance and condition.

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