Macleod Claymore Sword | Highlander Movie Replica | Medieval Fantasy Blade

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Macleod Claymore Sword Connor Macleod’s (Christopher Lambert’s immortal character in The Highlander) original Scottish Claymore is reborn in this reproduction of the well known movie hero’s first but not best weapon. Connor used this one when he was young and still fairly unskilled, eventually giving it up as a gravemarker for his lost love.

This 42.5″ overall length stainless steel blade with wire wrapped leather handle and silver finish fittings includes a leather sheath and sports the clan name cast into the handguard. Overall the look of this sword is close to that of the movie weapon and it’s suitable as a display item for fans of that epic movie series. As a practice weapon it should be dedicated to movements rather than strikes against targets, since the inexpensive construction will show its weaknesses rather quickly in anything approaching real use. As a stage weapon or a costume piece it finds a more practical home, perfect for brandishing and marching about.

Other more expensive recreations of this fantasy weapon are still available, but practical value may not increase much as you spend more (possibly much more). The choice is esthetic. Up close, you may be able to see a difference in quality between this sword and the pricier versions, but the major difference is the color of the leather on the handle.

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