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Mezzaluna Cheese Knife w/ Drawer & Cutting Board Set

Stainless Steel Serving & Slicing Cutlery

Posted by JT Hats

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Mezzaluna Cheese Knife w/ Drawer &This solid hardwood mezzaluna chopping block encloses more than just a cutting board. In the built-in storage tray, you'll also find three different cheese knives as well as space for the stainless steel mezzaluna knife.

The mezzaluna is an old idea -- a curved blade with a high hand grip designed to fit the slight hollow of the special cutting board. Place herbs in the hollow and rock the blade back and forth quickly over the top to chop and mince without the usual mess. Although many recommend this procedure for nuts and other harder items, expect pieces to fly if you tackle anything with weight. In skilled hands, it's better than a flat board, but it's not perfect. Many chefs today choose the mezzaluna more for atmosphere than practical use.

For serving and entertaining, the mezzaluna set works better, adding charm to the meal, and this one doubles as a cheese cutting and serving tray. Lift the mezzaluna board from the base, turn it over, and it's an equally good-looking serving fixture for cheese and other snacks.

Four knives include the curved mezzaluna knife and three stainless steel cheese knives with blades appropriate for soft, hard, and sliced cheeses. Keep the board and base block lightly oiled to prevent swelling and shifting. Also, be cautious of spills since the routed area holding the cutting board will be difficult to clean. Don't immerse the block or board in water -- wipe the set down thoroughly after use. Store the mezzaluna block where it will stay dry -- the base sits flat on table top or counter and could trap moisture beneath.

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