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Samurai 3000 Fantasy Sword by United Cutlery

Futuristic Weapon Katana w/ Scabbard

Posted by JT Hats

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Samurai 3000 Fantasy Sword by UnitedThe Samurai Warrior 3000 Katana from United Cutlery embodies a design from the distant future when plasmium swords represent the best weapons of the samurai path. Although United Cutlery released only a little information about this interesting weapon, a truly functional combat version would apparently require knowledge of advanced physics as yet beyond our grasp.

We'll have to wait until the year 3000 for the combat plasmium sword, but until then, this actually is a well-made display version of what a true samurai may carry in our distant future. The tang of the single-edged high carbon stainless steel blade fits securely into a decorative and oddly practical machined aluminum handle, with some of the styling of the traditional samurai katana but converted to knurled metal. The 28-1/2-inch blade does come pre-sharpened, although users will definitely want to improve on that if testing the sword's physical limits.

Polished metal fittings on the black aluminum scabbard match the design of the katana's handle but aren't as decorative. The katana's blade guard has a lethal appearance, with steel blades set into the aluminum wings of the cross-guard. Symbols engraved in the handle itself represent the Samurai ideals of justice, service and honor.

The katana feels a little heavy for fast action, but maybe that's where the plasmium physics of future swordmasters come in. For the rest back here in ancient times, this is an interesting and unique prototype meant for the serious fantasy weapon collector.

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