Swamp Rat Ratmandu RMD Camping & Survival Knife | Custom Drop Point Fixed Blade, Full Tang

Still available from Swamp Rat Knife Works in 2011, the Ratmandu knife comes in a variety of handle colors but always uses the...
JT Hats
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Collectible Case Knife | Small Toothpick Pocket Knife | Mother of Pearl

A single-blade, collectible blade from W.R. Case & Sons. Always known for their quality workmanship, Case has taken this knife to...
23 sec read

Best Combat Knife: John Ek Commando Model 4 | Fixed-Blade Militaria

It’s not surprising that these knives have become quite collectible, given their pedigree. For nearly seventy years, The EK Commando Knife...
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Case Changer Hunting Knife | Folding Pocket Knife Tested XX

One of Case’s most versatile pocket knives. Primarily intended for hunting, though would also be appropriate as a fishing or general...
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