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Pudao Horse Cutter Sword

Wushu Training Weapon | Chinese Military Replica

Posted by JT Hats

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Pudao Horse Cutter Sword The Pudao or Horse Cutter Sword was designed for heavy work. Carried by Chinese infantrymen, this long weapon formed the footsoldier's primary defense against cavalry. Originally, the blade of this chopping broadsword and staff combination was heavy enough to take out the legs of a charging horse.

Toned down several levels to meet the needs of modern Wushu athletes, this chrome plated spring steel blade joins to a short staff and sports a ring pommel of matching chromed steel. Sixty-three inches overall, the weapon only weighs 2-1/2 pounds -- great for the acrobatics of Wushu or for learning movements of this ancient combat form. The build isn't meant for striking practice and could easily be damaged by full force contact with targets.

To save weight, the blade has been shortened to 22 inches, compared to 27 inches for the combat quality version from Tiger Claw. The tempered spring steel blade flexes but is stiffer than light Wushu swords and not intended to bend to the same degree. For transport, a black nylon sheath accompanies the Pudao, form-fitted to give some protection to both blade and bystanders. Even in the sheath, wield this horse cutter carefully.

The blade arrives unsharpened and should be left as is, since any grinding of the edge could loosen the chrome. Visually, this blade won't pass for a combat pudao. In spite of that, the Pudao Horse Cutter Sword from Tiger Claw fits training needs well, giving students the chance to adapt to new movements and skills before tackling the heavier and more realistic versions of this ancient polearm.

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