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Global Wall Rack Knife Storage

Hanging Magnetic 20 Inch

Posted by JT Hats

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Global Wall Rack Knife Storage I admit I was skeptical when I first came across this idea -- to me wall magnet racks represent something that almost never works. This Knife Storage Wall Magnet is different -- Yoshikin designed it to hold a few good Global knives, and it does that job well. It'll take a little adjustment, but it's a great idea.

Twenty inches across, this outdoes any plain hook rack immediately by accommodating any width of steel blade -- or spoon, or spatula -- anything you normally use that has iron or steel in it will attach securely to this rack at any spacing you require. No more trying to fit handles to hooks when the saute pan is about to explode -- just slap it on and get to work on what's important. The perforated metal barrier on the face of the rack lessens the power of the magnet just enough to make a quick release possible.

Since this wall rack is based on a powerful magnet, not one that barely grips what hangs on it, either a special technique or a solid mounting will be essential. Set the mounting screws into plasterboard and you'll have immediate problems with the strip itself ripping loose. Anchors set firmly into drilled holes should fix that problem, but for added security a strip of hardwood spanning the gap between hidden wall framing could be a great help. Not every wall has 2 by 4's on a twenty inch spacing every place you need them.

As an alternative to a hardwood support, try setting the strip in place solidly with expansion anchors. Instead of pulling knives straight off the rack, pull down. Sliding the blade over the strip puts less stress on the mounting hardware.

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