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Pudao Longsword

Martial Arts Wushu Weapons | Chinese Battle Ready Sword

Posted by JT Hats

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Pudao Longsword With a heavy brass ring pommel and brass handguard, this high carbon combat steel Pudao weighs in at ten pounds, enough to handle and cut like the real thing. Today weapons of this class are used for strength training, in combination with genuine combat movements from the old kung fu systems. In other times, this heavy chopping blade was the infantryman's equivalent of anti-tank weaponry, heavy enough to take out the legs of a charging armored horse.

Many Pudao available now feature lighter and slimmer blades than this heavy combat version. Though this Pudao isn't so ornate as some, the construction is sound and the lack of cast decorations makes handling simpler. The round cross section doesn't orient the hands automatically to the set of the blade, but the diameter of the shaft is large enough for a solid grip. Some practice with the weapon will make the right position instinctive.

For Wushu practice and acrobatic demonstrations, this could be too heavy. The extra weight makes fast movement more difficult, and the effects of mistakes with this heavy Horse Cutter are much more dangerous. Only advanced kung fu students should take up weapons of this level. Most Wushu weapons hardly qualify as collector's items because of the concessions made in favor of light weight and speed. This combat Pudao, while not fancy, has the good looks of a well made and practical weapon. Hand forged by modern Chinese craftsmen, it's good enough for display as well as advanced weapons practice.

No scabbard accompanies this 63-inch-long weapon, but a form fitting padded black nylon carrying case covers both handle and 27-inch horse cutting blade.

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