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Puma IP Scout Bowie Knife

High Carbon Stainless Steel, Stag Handle

Posted by JT Hats

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Puma IP Scout Bowie Knife Natural stag handles which vary in shape and pattern from knife to knife give each Puma IP Scout Bowie the unique look of hand craftsmanship. Manufactured in Spain, the Puma IP line uses modern technology to produce knives in the tradition of the parent company's German craftsmen. Though fewer hand processes are involved in the Spanish facility, the steel and the quality control holds up to what buyers expect from Puma.

The 6-inch drop point Bowie blade of the 440C high carbon stainless steel knife gives this well balanced hunter 11.25 inches from tip to pommel. Pommel and hand guard of polished brass accent the stag antler that surrounds a full length steel tang. The IP Scout weighs just over a pound, including the well-made leather holster style sheath. If you're looking for an ultralight, keep looking.

The advantages of carrying a full sized sheath knife are pretty overwhelming if you do much real work with a knife. Blade weight comes in handy for camp work where light chopping is the fastest approach. A six-inch blade with a good curve handles skinning and butchering without a problem. If you don't need a knife for heavy work, the extra steel and dependability isn't worth carrying. Deciding you don't need that means you probably will, the first night in camp. Some people travel through the backwoods, and some people live there, even if just a day at a time. There's a good knife for everybody.

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