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Shun Utility Knife

Offset Damascus VG-10 | Ken Onion

Posted by Mike

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Shun Utility Knife If you can get past the non-traditional aesthetic, there's actually a lot to like about this Ken Onion design from Shun.

The handle is appreciably beefy for a small knife, a touch which I find particularly appealing as most smaller Japanese knives have handles which feel undersized in my hands. The modified offset handle design also functions to keep my delicate knuckles far from the cutting board. Although the blade is a bit thick due to the layered warikomi construction, the VG-10 blade steel will take and hold a fine edge that will outperform anything comparable from Western makers. Although the Damascus SUS10 sides are quite pleasing to the eye, they offer little functional advantage.

If you're looking for an offset style small utility knife with modern blade materials, aside from the Alton's Angles Utility Knife, I can't think of another option. However, if you don't have a particular fondness for the Ken Onion and don't wish to pay the premium for the design, there are many other VG-10 utility knives which will perform as well at a significantly lower price.

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