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Renaissance Musketeer Rapier Display Sword

Stainless Steel Medieval Fencing Foil Epee

Posted by Ken

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Renaissance Musketeer Rapier DisplayIf you are looking for a light duty replica foil suitable for an afternoon at the local Rennaissance Fair then this 44 inch Musketeer sword with leather wrapped scabbard is the rapier for you. Not a bad looking sword at all, but if you intend to take a swing at something, keep looking. You could prove this point by applying any of the old tests to this weapon, such as butting the point into a timber and pushing the blade into a half circle to see if it will spring back. At this price, I doubt it--but if a decorative replica is what you really need, this is a bargain.

Actually it's very uncommon to find a sword that's modern made that will pass any of the old tests, and most sword owners don't try that because they don't want to screw up their swords by slashing boulders full force to test the edge, or to embarrass themselves by trying the floating silk scarf trick. Might as well try that with a curtain rod these days. A little flexing, not a lot, will tell you how much this sword can take. Few of us actually need the battle potential of a real weapon anyway.

If you're going to the Faire, don't forget your recorder! In the old days every young gentleman carried one.

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