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Schrade Jackmaster Barlow Pocket Knife, Two Blades

Posted by Ken

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Schrade Jackmaster Barlow Pocket Knife,It's interesting to me that certain styles of knife have withstood the tests of time. Or, more appropriately, the tests of an ever-increasing advancement in knife technology. We are often still using, and purchasing, knives identical to ones people used centuries ago. The materials used may get better, but I guess some knives have classic designs with little room for improvement.

The Barlow knife is one of them. This classic design consists of one or two blades, usually a larger for cutting and a smaller for poking or gouging, and a large metal bolster with a comfortable teardrop shaped handle. In America, the Barlow is dated as far back as the late 18th century -- George Washington is known to have carried a Barlow knife -- and is still widely available today.

This Schrade Jackmaster Barlow has two plain-edge stainless steel blades - one large clip point and one smaller pen. The handle is made of a material called staglon, a plastic replicate of stag horn used frequently in Schrade knives. This knife has a closed length of 3.75-inches.

Let me say that this is a very cheap knife which was made in China, most likely by the thousands. In your hands, it just feels flimsy. I do not recommend this knife for any serious use. But Barlow knives are truly great, and I would recommend looking elsewhere for one. W.R. Case is still making good Barlow knives with both utilitarian and decorative function. They have several styles and handle designs available in a moderate price range. Check out this W.R. Case Barlow knife we reviewed earlier.

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