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Roman Centurion Replica Sword w/ Scabbard

Gladius Double Edged Stainless Steel

Posted by JT Hats

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Roman Centurion Replica Sword w/Although both sword and scabbard are more ornate than genuine Roman swords, this good quality and beautiful Roman Centurion Sword does closely follow the basic patterns of the Roman gladius, the short sword of the Roman legions. Over the centuries, the gladius evolved through many patterns, but this old design was always simple, efficient, and deadly. This particular gladius looks better than the real thing.

Cast metal pommel and bladeguard, with designs matching the ornamental fittings on the scabbard, compare well in shape to the simple build of the old Centurion swords. The ancient weapons held little decoration with pommels, grips, and bladeguards of functional hardwood. Sword sheaths in those times were just as plain. Accurate replicas look rudimentary to modern eyes, since most sword-lovers are more familiar with the very advanced weapons of Japan and Europe and not the rustic battlefield weapons of the Empire.

This 33-1/2-inch gladius with 22-inch double-edged blade and antiqued fittings is an excellent sword for the collector, offering more quality than was available in Roman times. The hardwood sheath and high carbon stainless steel blade with intricate etching carry this old style a bit farther forward in history than most recreations.

Rat tail tang construction, with a durable grip made of turned hardwood and metal spacers, also makes this a solidly built weapon. The sword is not quite combat quality by today's standards, but taken far enough back, this modern version of the sidearm of legionnaires and gladiators might have been the best of its kind.

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